Artist Comes Out on WordPress

Hi Everyone

Well, I’m giving this a shot. My blog.

My relationship with the computer involves love and hate, and very mixed other feelings. I want to share myself online and enjoy the connections possible, but I want to keep private and limit those connections. I want to create and show my work online and the next minute I want to take the computer to the dumpster, remain nostalgic for pre-computer days and pull out my oil paints or be out in the garden in the sun and have a live visitor there, not on windows live. So with this blog, I’m beginning to settle on balance of a little of all of what I need. I’m not sure what I’ll be writing here exactly as time goes on but you might want to hang out long enough before you prejudge anything. In fact, I suggest you don’t even postjudge! Life is a process for me, not a product and that means evolution. Evolution doesn’t mean remaining the same. It means moving onward in a way that changes what is in the present. So hang in, stop by and see what I’ll be producing here.

Welcome to my space online!


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