Cultural Environmentalism

…the same mindset that polluted the air, water and soil has a similar disturbing uprooting and destructive quality on the human’s interior landscape and relationships between humans as connected to their environment…..


I am a cultural environmentalist.

Simply put, that is an environmentalist that has a clarity, same commonly known environmental principles, and respect for nature, but this time human nature as part of the natural environment, with a vision and attention to humanity itself to clean up the pollution in the cultural-social relational environment rather than along the highways and in the oceans.  

I have no intention of joining in the harmful cultural debates that already exist. I believe the thinking and behavior needs change at some basic levels, but primarily to get to clarity about the human’s relationship to the planet – and the environment we live.

Without such changes, the relationships to the air, water, soil and animals will continue because the thinking is the same.  This is also to understand the social environment we live in as artificial, man made, out of touch with wholistic views, out of touch with basic natures to remove oneself and create harmonious relationships that are connnected to the natural processes of the planet.

Just as we are living with the accumulation and results of decades of careless treatment of the physical environment by wrong actions and behaviors, we are living with the same decades of careless treatment of humans and this comes through as ‘normal’ – the ones we were all born from.

Just as it is now imperative that we stop destroying our physical environment, it is imperative that we stop destroying our humanness by the constant derogatory labeling humans as other than ourselves.

This is largely done by false ideas based on the idea that behaviors of humans can be defined, described, controlled and regulated separated from the actual content and physicalities of the lives and the environment we are in. It’s time to get past ‘behaviorism’ – and get the focus on our environment so we can see each other more as we are as wholistically, fully humans – rather than partially described in fragmentary views.


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