Excerpt from my Bookart….titled Normal

who gets to hurt whom? Who gets to hurt whom and get away with it? who gets to hurt whom and escapes a diagnosis and mental illness stigma for both the damage received and the harm committed? UNRECOGNIZED. who is just bad and not ill? who gets to hurt whom and still is good, honored and glorified for doing so? Who is quite honored for hurting humans and in what ways is it done? Who is REALLY insane and who is REALLY criminal? exactly what harm done to humans is deemed treatment, justified punishment, discipline, training, policing, ad infinitum AKA socially accepted and what harm done to humans is harm credited as REAL harm and which harm is harmless harm? Which harm impairs a human psyche? Which doesn’t? which then qualifies for mental diagnosis and need of repair and fixing…and which is allowed to flourish? Which harm is awarded social honors or given economic sanctions?

INSANE stuff.

Why are only a select group of individuals with specific behaviors deemed harmful ENOUGH to immediately be confiscated and locked up from society with no trial? Why is there so much insane behavior in the world that never is stigmatized or stereotyped as terrorism, nor scary, ill and harmful when in reality it is. Jerry Springer doesn’t know. Neither do football players, pro-wrestlers or boxers. Doctors and lawyers don’t either. Harm to humans is allowed as entertainment and in many other forms and this is considered perfectly sane and harmless when damage and danger indeed exist. There are no medical warnings about some of these socially harmful behaviors. In fact, how much of our acceptable violence is actually sane? Nut lives. Nut games. Who created our sanity? Who created our rationale? who created what is thought logical?

Lunatic logic.

Rationally Insane.

Logical lunatic.

Insane logic.

the insane rationals we live with, harmed.


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