Blogging about my Blog

Admission: Getting myself online as a writer and artist has been clumsy for me. There are lots of issues involved for me. Creative writing that doesn’t stick with the rules by my very nature of creativity itself is an issue. So I write differently in ways others might see as ‘wrong’. Who am I writing for? is another issue.  My posts have been Sporadic instead of consistent as a ‘not so good’ blogger might be perceived. Sometimes extensively long and then extremely short writings seems to just invite the response – that’s not the way to blog! But excuse me, I’m just maintaining myself, trying it out, and finding my place in this space. You can’t force a creative person into a format of someone else’s making easily. It doesn’t work.

Image placement issues occur cause often images and words go together for me. I must still need to find the right software and place. Maybe wordpress isn’t it.

Foregoing grammar, punctuation and easy reading as my needs as a writer threw away those concerns yet realizing if I want to be read, I have to write for others. Sigh. It’s not the same as writing for myself or as I want to write. Why can’t readers be open to ‘different’ writing that doesn’t stick to rules? I know. It confuses them.

It all has been just overcoming barriers, not caring about readers and just putting the words down and out. It’s not that I haven’t been writing before blogging and writing effectively. I’m always writing. It’s about different people, different location and time. Some writing meant for other places didn’t get where I thought It would go and then instead ended up on this blog.

What’s more is that my relationship to the bombardment of the computer and internet on my creative, artistic life was such that I didn’t know what had really hit me and it didn’t hit me in a good way and it took me a while to grasp the magnitude and potentialities of what this all was.  It’s still all learning and I really use to enjoy learning, but one gets tired when pushed and forced too far.  The learning curve, or at least the timing of the learning curve, was knocking my life out of balance and taking me to places I really didn’t want to go. I also found myself in places, although very interesting and new, weren’t what I was really enjoying or getting what I wanted.  More Learning and experience. I guess I have some resentments about the invasion of the computer and internet on my creative, artistic life. Sometimes I really feel it’s a necessity to be here. Not my preference. As a writer and artist, you can not NOT be online, right? So here I am, and I still got some learning and kinks to work out. Keep reading. I know it’s only going to get better from here!


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