Government Controlled Love and Marriage

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Government Controlled Love and Marriage

Description: After researching women’s history, it became clear to me what was involved in the history of marriage and what  is still passed on from and by the unchanged inherited history of government controlled marriage and love while unquestioning brides and grooms think they have free love. It is clear that there is a slow evolution moving ever closer to more personal freedom.  Most all issues that are controversial today touch on the major issue that centers and underlies freedoms that dramatically impact marriages. This piece of art  incorporates drawings of my foremothers and a bride understanding and knowing they didn’t have the freedoms that I have had in my life. I believe….. Love will be abundant and relationships solid once it is free from government control and the inherited behaviors that are remnants of previous government controls. And love can’t be free from government control until we are able to question and understand the unfree love we think is our free choice but more important that we understand how unfree love is tied to everything else we do in our world, especially how our institutional love operates with an economic and political system that flourishes on war – the opposite of love. We have been taught these things are separated in neat categories like the classes we got in school. Not so. Life is a multidimensional existence in which all is connected. No class taught us the connections. Instead we got a class for politics.  A class for economics. A class for math. A class for science. Fragmented. But no class on love. No class on marriage as if we aren’t to know it’s presence. As if it is free and as if love needs to be separated and kept in a private box strictly defined and particularly not taught to our young. Worse than sex, love is mystified which creates it’s fiction. Our foremothers got the right to vote, but they didn’t get what they were asking for originally. Our foremothers in the 19th century asked for free love in a way that still today seems radical and isn’t even considered. They asked for the government to get out of their personal lives about love. This history has been clouded out so we might not know what happened and in this way, not knowing our mother’s history by systematic teachings we fail to know our own lives accurately.


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