Occupy. Rape. Two Words; One Meaning?

So…get this….historically, the word RAPE and the word OCCUPY were used differently than today but both come from Latin words meaning ‘to seize’..(see dictionary text below) ….and those origins of meanings today might help clear our heads abit.

RAPE – ORIGIN late Middle English (originally denoting violent seizure of property, later carrying off a woman by force): from Anglo-Norman French rap (noun), raper (verb), from Latin rapere ‘seize.’

OCCUPY – ORIGIN Middle English : formed irregularly from Old French occuper, from Latin occupare ‘seize.’ A now obsolete vulgar sense [have sexual relations with] seems to have led to the general avoidance of the word in the 17th and most of the 18th cent.


The words each rested on violent seizure of property and people – no matter the reasons or the methods – which in all honest relations of the word meant people were property even if the words we know didn’t clarify it. The term occupy fell out of use because at a specific time it meant something to do with forced sex which was being protested against by women… which got buried from open conversation along with the word occupy including women and their history. No question about who can be raped (in more than sexual ways)… and who can occupy this world now, right? Are we ready to admit this reality? Are we not living in Rape culture and inherited it? Are we not living in Occupy culture no matter who does it? Can we understand that our system is built on a behavior of who gets to SEIZE? Essentially, violence.

We can’t solve these issues with the same concepts and mindset that created it (Einstein said that).

I simply ask…are we not living in a time in which violent seizure of people (including their lives and possessions) and all the things we call property, which includes people as property to be dealt with, are not what is happening? If one person does it, we call it occupy, when another does it we call it *rape*? Is not being arrested then a rape of body that is called abduction (see end of post)? Or why don’t we just call it a battle of seizures and who is entitled to seize what? Like children fighting over a toy. A bigger kid takes it, and the littler kid grabs it back. Power of numbers over power of property and vice versa. Do we recognize ourselves and in others, when they seize by force? Another word to consider is the word stealing but you can only steal something that is not your property. And what if the bottom line truth is that this earth and all it is, is not owned by anyone – and was never meant to be.  We must think differently and stop behaving like three year olds when our toys are taken! Are not the violent seizures of America and in our world the results of concepts of ownership and entitlements by occupations? Occupations may actually have been how people have been occupied and do occupy others, no?

and I can’t help myself with this side thought…. do people who are seized then end up with seizures…. as part of the result of being seized. Doctors don’t understand seizures medically. And in all of psychiatric history, the ideas of problems never counted seizures as harm and injury to a person.

Abduction is the next word to take a look at because seizures usually then perpetuate what we don’t call but are abductions. That is, abductions in increments, hidden in words such as arrests, mortgage foreclosures, media takeover, operation shock and awe, voluntary forced overtime, food supply control, inflation, abuse of power, legislation….etc.

abduction |abˈdək sh ən|
1 the action or an instance of forcibly taking a person or persons away against their will :

And for my next post, I’d love to consider how abductions of our children forced to governmental schooling is related to our adult occupations understanding them as the places in which we have landed as a result of being seized….while denying the seizures of childhood.  No choice while we are all told we have choice in such a way that totally distorts our reality of both our abductions and our occupations and our relationship to the governmnet – both resting on the ability to seize and to be seized as layers of tradition are the foundation of our lives……leaving us living a life in which we are feel forced or no longer feel the force – called normal living.

I’m a writer, what can I say? I normally look at words and rethink their application, especially when I feel they aren’t quite hitting the mark in explaining the life we have.


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