too funny!

I ‘liked’ (as to click on it) the facebook page, God, cause I have some things to say on the topic.

I find it funnier that someone would have created a page and simply titled it, God. What audacity or is it unthinking?! Is it really God on facebook now and not just speaking to us in some ancient book form but as profiled God-Human on Facebook? That is not what this person meant to do when they created a facebook page titled God. Right? It’s not really another person impersonating as someone who knows the mind and thoughts of God – now on facebook, right?

But take a second to think here. God as subject or God as voice speaking through people?Both now exist on Facebook. God as interest and God as public figure.

Has God changed his ways now that man created www and will no longer use a book? I see many posts and websites saying what God says or thinks written by people entirely believing they know what god thinks and says and even understands what he does and why along with interpreting and judging others lives in the process.  I see many people liking these posts even though the words have been tossed around and rewritten for centuries by many different people, used different ways for entirely different reasons in different forms at different places. And as a result, today 10 people can read the same thing and see it 10 different ways highly dependent on the context of their own beliefs, information they’ve read, where and how they place those words and use them in their life – like on facebook today. It’s so easy to make mistakes about another’s words and beliefs online. It’s so easy to use words as you want.

Will children decades from now see God’s word through facebook and fight over interpretations on what God said in facebook years past? Or have debates about what others said was what God said from their texting and readings in formative years from their iPhone today? LOL. Oh, maybe it’s not funny.

Are people going to start using the computer like they used books for centuries? Like saying God is Word. God is now electronic word? Not just speaking to those who will write for him, but speak through those who can convey God’s message through all the abilities of our newest beloved and sacred technology, the computer.  Use it for God’s message. And now not only saying God is word, but God is computer when God speaks through it. This human belief would go on to say it’s God’s words they use and God working in their lives. From there then on to organize themselves in Groups online, according to what written words they believe in from liked websites.  Then Have wars about the words on their websites up against others websites they do not believe in.  Words they don’t like that other people chose to use in ways they don’t like. And so with the old, tired routine conflicts, now online, with efforts to go viral and fans get counted as proof of God working, behavior doesn’t change.  A website here or there develops as the only true God’s words and way to heaven while they demonize and delete the ‘other’ ones who are doing the same thing.  From there they eliminate those in ‘another group’ they don’t want and socially ostracize others from their group who have different words or use them differently.   Sometimes this is based on fear and that matters. They might even devise ways to silence others in the same manner books and music and art has been destroyed in the past. It’s already happening.

Will a corporation, or large social powerful religious group, take over and do that? It’s happening.  Somewhere. Now. Will Facebook end up forcing people until there is only one way that God’s words can be written on facebook? Centuries of this particular behavior with humans, their inventions for writing and relationships about God continues morphing its way onto Facebook. It’s already happened.

Why is God working on facebook and how? Why couldn’t God speak through computer?…. speak through a human mind and human invention? Of course, according to belief, he could, he’s God. And then there will be those appointed as speakers for God. But someone still has to write the text and upload the images, at least until someone claims that God actually did it himself with no human intervention. Watch cautiously for this to happen. You don’t believe it can or will?

How will my grandson know who and what to believe in? Some people who do claim their own words as God’s words are considered crazy and given medications and no one listens and some people we perceive as divine leaders instead get followers and immortalized and their words quoted over and over while those words keep hurting and destroying some while exalting others- even in the face of questionable murders. It already happened. Who makes the right choices in all this? Have we and others historically made the right choices? Some people who are on medications should be listened to and followed and some people perceived as divine leaders should be considered crazy and criminal. And sometimes those changes of perceptions happen within our own lives. Other times, it takes looking back decades to see the truth about humans and the social environment that existed that lived in mythologies of their time.

In fact, history shows this occurs all the time. Often with and for the things we now cherish so much in our society as progress – especially image and text technology.

(And yes, IMO, even those Republicans are very progressive and have embraced all that progress I’m talking about. I still don’t see what progress they really don’t believe in. I just believe their ‘conservatism’ is a tool for their own agenda for their attempt at controlling the ‘progress’ of our world as they want it to be.  I believe it’s part of the lie and Democrats are duped in the same belief system that both contains and hides the lie). Sigh. That’s just my one quick example of taking a look at text in relationship to human beliefs and functioning and why I address a page titled God. We can be so easily mislead and Facebook adds to the possibilities.

It’s predictable that those considered crazy often in the end bring immense value into the world and those considered honored and trusted leaders fall to shame as dishonest, confused, bad or simply totally ‘wrong’ and flawed in their humanness.

My grandson deserves better than this. He deserves something beyond this way we live as humans. He deserves a world of love, not wars over words, lands or resources on the planet. Not war over beliefs. And not a global war where a battle is fought for a ‘new king of the world’ for the many.  He deserves more than facebook, you know. He deserves a world where humans are treated well and a way out of the information pollution but this can’t happen until we change our behaviors. All of us. I believe the change demands we look at our own behaviors and stop what we are doing.

It’s one thing to accept that humans all make mistakes and live with that. It’s another when those mistakes end up where we are. The mistakes about the mistakes about humans.  That is, in part, Exalting some lives at the expense of destruction and loss of others’ lives. And I see a facebook page titled God as a pivotal piece of how the imbalances and inaccuracies in our perceptions of people happens.

Will your loved ones be exalted or destroyed or just live in the shadows of both extremes? Every single one of our grandchildren born to this planet deserves a good life and it should not be dependent on facebook. LOL. Oh yes, forgot myself. Not funny.

Not funny. I’m not thinking about today. I’m thinking of the seeds we are planting for our children’s future and what this will do as they bring their childhood experiences on facebook into their world when they become adults. I’m thinking of what we are producing that they are growing into and inherit from us by our actions.

Not funny. But more importantly or urgently, WHO is the person or group that can do this to my grandson as it presently operates in our social organization and disorganization.  Whom might exalt him above all humans or might destroy him at the feet of others? And how often will he feel a swing up and then down with the words evil, divine, good and bad. Whose words count and whose don’t? Whose words do you count? Do you know whose they are or have you just heard them so often you believe them?  Who will be respected as the TRUE God on Facebook now that we have one? Which words are allowed on Facebook and which aren’t? How will that impact our grandchildren’s lives?

well, this is an issue unresolved for today that I can’t resolve but it will show itself over time and I don’t expect much widespread change. Not until after I see people stop wars, both online and offline, especially about God’s promises and words or the beliefs that somehow allow themselves to think they are exalted so far above others they don’t have to consider others’  – words. Or they have a sense of entitlement that their words are closer to God and deserve space in place where others are silent. And I do not expect this to change until I see people who stop believing that they are the ‘right’ ones who know what God thinks, says, does in such a way that they take on believing how others should think, type and behave until there is no religious freedom left in America. We’re all human here who write the words.

The wars are tied up and coming from human beliefs, flaws and conflicts, most often about God’s words and the right way to live based on their beliefs about words and their ‘own’ books or liked websites.

Let’s nip this in the bud here on facebook, okay? That’s all I’m saying.

Give Peace a chance.

We all once know whose words these were for those who were living at that time they were first expressed, but probably not anymore.

We don’t need to repeat bad times.

We don’t need to see one more person die and discuss it, do we?

George Bush is the latest example of the unfolding, of this old type, professed christian, powerful leadership with followers and what happens quickly as a human rises to power with beliefs based on words in text – not in an honesty above text. He believed God was behind his war as old testament Fathers did. Lying to do it was part of the plan even without 9/11. He invaded another country and made choices that killed people he didn’t care about while playing golf, having more than one home while making choices that sent others into homelessness AS a professed believer in God based on his beliefs coming from God’s written words and those who claim to know them…. that clearly state in ancient text what God said – at least, it is believed.

Warriors in the past actually often burned books – other’s words they didn’t like. They fought to have their only words survive and these are the only words we got – as a result. That’s what we inherited here – a history where only one group had the power to have their words. Words that tell fathers and have told fathers, of the Father God, what to do exactly in the old testament many centuries ago that still feeds our young men lessons – both Christian and Muslim – just different books and different words.  It’s not just the violent video games that impact our children. But it’s the violent sacred text that has morphed to video games that concerns me. Sacred, in meaning, what we highly respect. Have their been mistakes? You bet.

No wonder the whole world is now threatened with global wars if people have believed in these kinds of conflicts and behaviors as ‘GOOD’ rituals and part of sacred traditions. I’m just pointing out what I see and that I now see this stuff moving onto Facebook every day. Am I overreacting or am I just catching the drift of where the tide is coming in and it kind of looks like a tsunami? Perhaps I just question the belief and behavior that is behind titling a facebook page, God.

Honestly, I actually, like many, thought that America had stopped the wars over religion and especially over wars about God’s words.

Facebook is a ‘friendly’ place with ‘friends’.

I also once thought that America was so strong in it’s separation of church and state that it would never regress into engaging in religious wars with other countries who hadn’t progressed to a belief about religious freedom.

I’m not even quite sure there is religious freedom anymore so I am keeping my eyes open and investigating.

History just sounded horrid.  You know, those Europe’s religious wars that brought men to write a document about separation of church and state that created America. How does THAT apply to Facebook? You know, Penn’s woods, a quaker, William Penn, who created a place where catholics and protestants didn’t war. That’s the story, right? Our ancestors came here to America and escaped the religious wars that were happening in Europe. It gave sanctuary so that countless denominations with varying religious beliefs could live in one territory. It was their promised land, they believed.

Well, I was TOLD that, weren’t you?

It doesn’t look like that is the whole truth, though. It looks to me like those wars from Europe continued on America’s soil with different people and then expanded across a continent and then onto other continents by US military for a span of over 200 years of wars and now has become beyond all continents, global and changing everyone’s life and, well, facebook, looks like an innocent place unattached to that whole, big ‘official’ Godwar thing, when one who, I assume, has no ill intention, but ignorance, puts up a page titled God.

No, I’m not starting a war.  I assume the accusations will come. I’m just the messenger. I’m sending a message about what may happen when you title a Facebook page called God. It might confusion children and divide them onto liked websites. Too funny, huh?

Okay. Enough.

But after 500 years, It’s clear that God on facebook (the facebook page, God) is still an old white man. Michelangelo’s painting of God as an old white man with long hair transferred to now a God page as a profile of himself. It’s got to be a person behind there somewhere, no? I know what’s going on here, but the question is….do children? Will they look at that 500 year old painting and forever believe that God is an old white man with a white beard. And what does that mean for old bald men? What does that mean if, just once, we presented God, not as white, not as man but as a young black child? How would we perceive God. The picture is not innocent. It implies many attributes about a God. It hands down a perception of God that I’m not so sure is what I believe in. I’m an visual artist so painting and creating God differently in ways that make him understood as omnipotent as in the likeness of all humanity, not just one group, is something I see as good. But it shakes up complacent beliefs of others.

So because I liked the Facebook page, God. Then what happened is that on my own Facebook wall, it now states Karen likes God. Cracks me up to read that. Geez, my relationship with God made pure and simple by facebook! Otherwise it is quite complicated and easily misunderstood as I developed my own thinking about it…and it breaks out of the social boundaries, ideas and teachings I got (thank God).

So anyone who questions my relationship with God, see facebook and see my wall.

Karen likes God. (LOL)

Actually, some Christians, as I’ve experienced them, have beliefs in such a way that if you say or do certain things, you’ll be perceived ‘bad’, ‘of the world’ or actually working as part of the ‘devil’s plan’ and not doing what God wants….so I feel I’m guilty as charged. I do things some other people think is not from ‘God’. Well, if you count the Facebook page titles, it is true. I’m not God on Facebook. I have struggled as a writer and artist about what inside of me I can say is from God and what is not. I see it as a belief that determines that choice. I know other people who say and do things and interpret their life in ways the assign to God. I question those interpretations a lot.

One time I saw a homeless person, waiting in the line to get food, at a local church. I overheard her saying, God has a plan for me, I know. She was denied a place to rent and she interpreted that as if God didn’t want her to live there…. As if it was God’s plan that she was homeless. As if all the refugees from all the wars throughout all of history was God’s plan instead of the mistake of humans who turned a place for people to live into  the land for to be bought and sold. A mistake that turned people into a commodity; a slave. When land is bought and sold and conquered and promised by God, people become slaves. There are no slaves without Kings and there are no kings without slaves and there are no slaves and kings when land is not bought, sold, conquered, or promised. When land is shared, when resources from land are shared, people have lives. This is what I want for my grandson – a life.

I, for the most part, have kept myself as a write and artist from saying anything inside of me is from God even though what came out of me at times put me into awe and wonder. I did this because I didn’t want to do to others what was done to me by the people in my life who claimed what they were doing and saying was ‘of God’ when it actually had a lot to do with their desires, wishes, their own decisions and beliefs. I once believed that my talents and gifts that I had been given and had not worked to achieve was what God wanted me to use to show other people that humans speak as if they are getting messages from God when they are not. In this way, far too many people have blind spots about the world they are living in.

If I would change the words, which as a writer I could easily do, and say things similarly to what is popular, then others would instantly believe I had the right relationship with God simply because the use of my words. It would sound like this. I have struggled in my life and then I said a prayer this morning and asked the Lord God to help me write the right words to honor and glorify him and this is it. Now do you believe me?

You just might want to ‘like’ that God page. Too funny!


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