They are saying Whitney is responsible for her suffering, but is she?

This is my response to articles like this one –

that hold the view that Whitney is responsible for her own Death, if it is indeed related in one way to chemicals, and at the very least, her own suffering with chemical problems.

Personally, I believe,  when someone dies of a product use, we often hold the creator of the product accountable. Cars get taken off the road and the product fixed. Products pulled from the shelves if one person dies. Other products banned from sale and use entirely.  Consumer reports and better business bureau exist to help. Government steps in and controls our lives.  Other dangers for people cause the government to go into overdrive monitoring our lives in very invasive ways that seem to have no limits. All to keep us safe. Yet when it comes to certain products, we do none of this. We hold the user of the product accountable.

And we go on as if the products are not the problem, just the user’s choices.

If Whitney died, using certain chemical products which ever they were, we all know she isn’t the first one. In fact, there is a long history of the same problem with other people.

Just say No to Drugs was a campaign that wasn’t very effective. Are the solutions we have today ineffective? It’s nice for business when businesses can blamed their failures on their victims. Is that what is happened?

Those prescription drug ads on television alone should be labeled criminal as an extension of the harm of the manufacturer, IMO. Those types of ads are not allowed in other countries for reasons. Is their acceptance related to the networking and location of where these chemical corporations operate their business? Have you noticed those advertisements worked and the sales are in the billions of dollars to the extent that virtually no one is drug free? Have you noticed the monotone of those advertisements for prescription drugs in contrast to the alerts for dangers from, say, terrorists – both advertisements  ‘warning’ us of possible death?

If the chemical product inherently has ‘addictive’ qualities, it is simply part of what makes that product even more dangerous to use. It’s not the user’s ‘fault’. It’s the products.

While adult self examination and self correction has its benefits and necessary at times, it also has cons and simply, as Whitney shows us by her example, isn’t enough knowledge. It isn’t enough. It never was.  If people are taught correctly the first time, they don’t have to go through self examination and life doesn’t have to be a constant ‘school’, suffering or struggle. If it is, we’ve been taught wrong. So what are the wrong teachings?

Personally, I think it’s an avoidance to fault Whitney or any other chemical user entirely. It’s an avoidance of looking at what teachings were wrong in the first place and what is missing in our extensive teaching of children to stop the harm people suffer. Not looking deeper into the mechanisms that cause a problem for the masses is the avoidance.

If it was just Whitney, then we could just put the cause on her.  But it’s not just one person who started this the problem. You simply don’t do something if you aren’t taught it, though and you don’t do something if it is not socially supported. Believe me, talk to anyone whose attempted to make changes and didn’t have social support.

Let me explain further.

While what I write really doesn’t matter as far as Whitney is concerned, what I write does matter for all the children born of the chemical age and through a time when poor adult behavior in so many ways causes massive issues for the NEXT generation that we aren’t even imagining yet…. and at the same time…, we no longer tell children to just say No to Drugs, we actually force many children unto drugs by *legal* illegal methods, especially  the most vulnerable, like foster children or children that are having problems in our society or with their health.

For every famous person that dies of drugs, there are many non-important, unknown people that do the same thing down to 2 year olds by no choice.

It’s clear that people dying of chemicals is the result of the chemicals. If only Whitney had the problem, then we could say it was her actions that caused her entire problem. But when it is many people, it isn’t just an individual problem, it’s a social one and until the problem is named and understood correctly, it can not be resolved. And damn it, I’m tired of seeing good, creative, talented people not only die this way, but live crippled lives in the interim because we have a system that is on malfunction mode for human wellness.

We have a system that respects and highly rewards the legal drug pushers. It isn’t just that we get told to pop pills for every human problem, it’s that the basic understandings of how to live in harmony with and on this planet are being wiped out and not even in existence half the time because the knowledge of chemistry and chemicals is dominating in such a way that all other knowledge is being lost in it’s wake.

It’s time to amp up and rethink our ways of thinking about the mass chemical use in our society, and Yes, with one breathe, I will say it. Whitney is a victim of chemical use and it doesn’t just end with Whitney’s choices.

We are in the chemical age and chemicals in our water, food, air, soil and our bodies, are well understood to cause harm. It’s about the same issue; the same problem and calls for the same solutions.

Whoever said health, happiness and wellness was based on putting the right chemicals in your body? Seriously, who told us that?  You don’t think that message is behind drug use?Humans lived for ions of time without manmade chemicals. Apples grew on trees without them. The air we breathe didn’t have to come in a manmade container in concentrated amounts or our water didn’t have to be purified and then put in plastic bottles pumped out on an assembly line.  People cried and laughed and were shy, angry and afraid, and they didn’t use chemicals as a solution and, yes, there were times where everyone had PTSD. Just look at any war history or any town that suffered a tornado or volcano eruption. How did people live well? There had to be some knowledge of human wellness. Do you really believe our advances are creating human wellness out of some horrid, dismal past in which wellness didn’t exist?

Do you realize that the psychiatry profession has a 200 year history of FAILING and mistakes with no accountability and they are still using the same knowledge that caused all the past failures? We’d all be well after 200 years of work, if they knew what they were doing.  Do you understand how the chemical corporations emerged absolutely necessarily tied with other social institutions that are now seen as problematic conflicts of interest? There’s is much to consider here.

And who is telling us that chemicals are the solutions for our emotional problems, our mental problems, our relationship problems, any problem we have, and yes, even our alcohol and drug problems? Having a chemical problem, solve it with more chemicals!

Who is telling us that if the chemicals aren’t working to solve the problem, we have yet another disease like a resistant disease in which newer chemicals are now the solution? For some totally engulfed in this chemical knowledge, it isn’t even a concept to consider that maybe their understandings aren’t accurate. Maybe biology should actually be treated according to the understandings we now have of it’s limitations and also the information that is simply outdated.

Who is injecting chemicals in babies and young children’s food and bodies in ways never seen in any other generation throughout all history and never considering there might be limitations when you combine all the chemical from endless sources in one small body? Each child is now like a chem lab with chemicals interacting in ways never tested.

The reality is wellness is based on keeping chemicals OUT of your body. Who taught us and keeps telling us that chemical use in so many ways we use them isn’t so dangerous but in fact, our health and wellness is based on it?

Why do we forget the consistent message that teaches us to trust in the knowledge and honor of chemistry and medicine and all it’s related industries with the highest reputation for truth against other inferior knowledge for our lives, especially when someone dies from it?

Who today is chemical free in such a way they are assured that the chemicals they are exposed to bring wellbeing, aren’t a risk for their health or could result in their death?

Isn’t it so that all of us do not know when and how to stop our chemical use? Surely my readers at this point will say that their chemical uses are not the same as Whitney’s. That certain people use drugs differently than all of us other non-drug users. Surely her choices and the risks involved are different than all of us ‘other’ chemical users. Surely a denial that she had impeded her ability to stop her drug use, but that all of us don’t have the same problem. This is the kind of thinking about chemical use that we were taught.

This is the kind of divisive, faulty comparison thinking that not only fails Whitney and the legacy of all the others that have died from chemical misuse, but it fails all of us… because it allows chemical misuse to continue on a mass scale as if it’s simply about our own choices.


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