Normally Living Violence

Normally Living Violence

There are certain ways a society functions AFTER a war has taken place in which destruction of an area and devastation of a group of people has occurred and land has been taken over by rule of the attackers. In essence, the war must continue yet not as required during invasion and initial conquering. There is a devastation and destruction in which conquered people must live through and recover from. The war is no longer called a war, yet it is a control of basic needs of the ones whose land has been conquered that leads to an unnatural struggle to survive and dependency on the conquerers.  Until we recognize the long term continuation of what war starts as NOT normal living, and we understand that we are born from and are living from and around entire countries born of this model which has now gone global, we have no hope to live free of it nor free our future children from it. Violence only breeds more violence and often when no other options exist, violence becomes not only perceived normality but invisible, that is, as in we no longer see it as violence but a socially accepted functioning of how we treat each other and what we do and do not value. Karen Henninger, Violence Prevention Activist


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