The problem is something else.

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?”

Block Cement Walls; Normal
With Cover for Power
with no network to Power

The following is An excerpt from my bookart titled Normal

that hasn’t made it into a full publication copy for manufacture yet.

Things, however, are evolving and progressing.

Let me preface this excerpt by saying that Historically, women have been and still are the majority of those who end up with a diagnosis of depression. The history matters because it is the foundation that all else rests on and is built from. A mistake is a mistake is a mistake no matter how old it is.

“The fact that the diagnosis of depression was created

by a particular group of men at a particular time

to categorize, name and define another group of people

is a fact that needs to not be overlooked or left unknown.

There is history here and with it oppressive factors.

The symptoms of depression certainly DO exist in a person’s reality

and I certainly don’t want to negate those realities.

However, our reality is perceived by what we know

and it is what we don’t know that is missing here.

The word depression is used extensively and is very popular,

almost epidemic, but in truth, many, many deeper truths exist underneath the term.

The right questions are not being asked.

The language is the barrier here.

Other words would better articulate each person’s experience.

Personally, I don’t believe the word, depression, serves (many of) us very well.

We don’t get to the root of the problems with it.

Like many things in our culture and particularly in the medical field,

we have ways to cure symptoms.

Depression, as popularly known, is a symptom, not the root problem.

The problem is something else.

Of course, it does help to handle the ‘symptom’…but it

is better if we get to the root of the problem and get rid of the symptoms entirely – once and for all.

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?


One thought on “The problem is something else.

  1. Okay, In summary I oppose the Eurocentric, White Male classist, agist, sexist, racist, jobist, childist, and other ‘ists and isms’ framework that dominates our traditional medical science, social science and other institutions that have caused unnecessary suffering for masses of people. I advocate and join with those working to change this outdated mode that structurally exists and is fueled by an 18th century mindset that most of us aren’t even in agreement with or living anyway.


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