Artistic Science, Scientific Art

Artistic Science, Scientific Art

Ways of Using Mind and Body; Science and Art

Raymond said this in a world I was born to. While this statement rings of clear explanation to me and describes what I live and know, I add that  beyond his explanation, the categories are manmade. I am not a man. As creative woman, art and science are not categories I fit in and out of neatly. They weren’t designed for me unless compliant to them. For me, being scientific and being artistic are ways of ‘being’ and each has a spectrum  of possibilities as well as a merging with each other under a larger umbrella human ways of being and thinking that makes the distinction irrelevant at certain points.  They are both simply different ways of using the body and mind and for the creative as myself, science and art come together as one and as infinite variety… when I am ‘both’…. and destroys both categories and all their assumptions. They also can have other separations and distinctions. Science and art coming together and separating has a long history.

Science when moved to belief becomes religion. Religion comes from story and it’s rituals.  So does Science. Story comes from art. And art becomes the science that observes and analyzes the story with image that we know as science that is a religion but is transformed by art….it is a cyclical. It is human process, not static rigid categories. It’s about being not necessarily always doing. It’s what one does with it that becomes infinite. It can be many things.

But of course, I’d say this because my creative process is fluid in ways influence by being woman and was I never gendered ‘man’ into rigid manhood structures nor creative like them – even if I wanted to be. I was left out and made different.  The worldview created by man and mass produced as the dominant one in the last 2 centuries is only one told to us as if it is THE one and only, eternal and historical, and at the same time the ‘right’ and ‘best’ one which is itself a contradiction. For either it is actually the one and only, or it is the right and best one compared to the others that do exist. Either way, creativity itself defies the idea of a ‘one’. The belief maintains a denial that others exist. It’s not ironic that this culture destroys the cultures it contacts or conquers. And there is no doubt they do. There are other ways to see and understand the world and our American world about creativity and possibilities for humans and also is in desperate need of these new ways, because it is in the weaknesses of our society that we are crippled in becoming more than what we are now and clinging to ways that simply have expired as useful.


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