WOMEN’S HISTORY: Women Artists, Myself

When people in my life do not know the tradition or have not had a public education of women artists, they also fail to see my life in the context of that tradition of women artists. None of this is an accident. There is a systematic design built on the idea that what women did wasn’t important. I, too, spent half my life not even aware there was something missing.

I think Judy Chicago, as an artist, spoke most to my heart. She wrote a number of books that just filled my heart as an artist and helped me understand me as a female artist in this world. When I would naturally paint what was important or valuable in my life – like my work or the home and children, people would ask ‘Why would you draw ‘laundry’ and why would you paint a pile of drying dishes?  And I KNEW that clean clothes and clean dishes were vitally important to our lives and it was as honorable and as worthy of a painting that things like a naked woman or many things that the tradition of men thought worthy. This piece was part of the video installation that was exhibited in Beijing, China in 1995 at the United Nations Fourth World Conference for Women. It also had a touring version and has been on the internet all these years. I painted this in honor of all the work that never gets counted as part of the GNP and the work that has given us all the basics of what makes a well person.


The World’s Women On-Line!

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