An Opinion on the Matter of Opinion; Freedom on, in, and out of Marriage


Freedom on Marriage, Freedom in Marriage, Freedom out of Marriage




Right now in our lifetime this debate about who has the right to force another body sexually and how, or what one can do with one’s own body in the privacy of their own space and who they can do it with; This IS a matter of many opinions, but sometime in the near future this will not be so. It will be more than opinions and in another way, maybe less.  In fact, these types of things are not just a matter of opinion in the end.


Just like at one time it was a matter of opinion of whether the world was round or flat, some things that are opinion actually end up being fact. And Just like It was a matter of opinion as to whether women could competently drive a car, did have a soul, be a citizen, sign a contract or play sports, It was only a matter of opinion until opportunities provided the freedom to see and perceive women indeed capable of thinking rationally enough to drive a car for themselves (with no more accidents than men) or gain muscular strength and actually win at competitive sports with men.


Just like It was a matter of opinion whether masturbation caused death or mental illness (even among the greatest medical and religious leaders), it became inevitable that such was not true.  Whether masturbation was spiritual depravity became a non-political issue, many such things become, in the end, a non-political issue. And At one time it was a matter of opinion, great religious wars and causes of many murders whether an infant should be baptized, or a child at age 4 or 5. Then it was opinion for some that baptism should be a decision for a person to make when they are of age to make that decision for oneself. In that manner, it was an opinion of spiritual choice and belief.


The many decisions we face today about marriage could not even be possible without our history of freedoms laid down. They are a direct result of the entirety of freedoms already established as America’s foundation and built over America’s 200 year history, beginning with the freedom of sons from the Fathers when a document stated that all men were created equal.  Most of us can’t even fathom what it was like before the Independence of America. I mean who was the independence from, really? We need to reminded how this time is just one step after so many others that went before.


It is still the opinion of some that one should not intermarry with any other religion, class or race. Once totally forbidden, now for only some people, Jews should not marry catholics, or protestants not marry muslims. Rural folk can not marry agreeably with city folk. It is believed at times.   It is still the opinion of some that divorce should be illegal-or never allowed. That women should not work outside the home or use birth control. These are all issues related to freedom of marriage. It is still the opinion of some that women should submit entirely to their husband for all decisions and if disobedient, then brutal force and punishment, even murder called a passion killing,  is the entitlement of the husband. Few people even recognize that the incremental decisions that allowed men and women to socialize and be in the same public spaces has changed the dynamics of gender relationships. Sex segregation is slowly vanishing and it seems the bedroom or one’s own private home is just as hotly debated as any other past social disagreements. How about the freedom the car produced and it’s impact on marriage?


Eventually all these things become clear on facts and clear on choices.


And in America we have a long tradition of such things;  born from European refugees that have asked organized religious institutions, religious communities and governments to give people freedom to BELIEVE and CHOOSE for themselves how they want to live their lives. In that tradition, I say this in the spirit of wanting a world in harmony and love. And in that tradition, I ask all of us to consider what we ask of each other with much more respect as that is the most imperative need and foundation.


Govt Controlled Love-Marri copyzy


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