ART, HISTORY and DECEPTIONS: One of the things I’ve learned about being an artist comes through being an artist….that I figured out by experience. I learned that along with being an artist comes the ‘default’ that people ‘don’t understand’ you or you are ‘different’. It’s still totally amazing and strange to me what happened to my relationships with people when I became ‘an artist’. It wasn’t necessary.

Since understanding art was an education both informal and formal, it’s clear to me that this default in relationships is unnecessary and a conceptual wrong. An error in teaching. IMO, art is purposely ‘mystified’ through teachings so that the masses can envy but not take action because art is presented as a ‘privilege’ granted by ‘owning talent’ and fortune, and a frivilous occupation to choose, especially not part of and in people’s lives where life itself becomes an ordered routine in which escapes are necessary for sanity. Imagine a life you don’t want to escape, but life an art itself. What then is art? If you do that, understand life and creativity of art, people won’t convince you to buy yourself out of your life whether by chemicals or vacations – which is one of the major advertising gimmicks that may lead people to desperation when the results of accumulations of economic solutions take their toll – especially when leisure is not leisure and boredom is denied and tiredness of life is not understood as lack of creative inspiration.

Anyway, I believe art is best understood by a series of stories of who did what and why. Without a broader view of Who, the what is misunderstood. In Art education, the framework is narrowed, not broadened, to ‘what’ is done by only a few people pulled out as the important ones. I think Art is something that involves every person’s life and everyone is in relationship to art and that is what needs understanding. That devoid of context of relationships in teaching art causes misunderstanding and confusions – and a world named in error. Take for instance, this link below. Most all people who have seen a Jackson Pollock painting have wondered, why is this so popular? I mean, seriously, he threw paint on a canvas. Why is this art was always asked? And granted, there is much complexity to all the relationships involved, but what if the most pronounced reasons Jackson Pollock was popular was because he was promoted by the CIA for political reasons? Huh? Rewind. Yes, some art is popular not because of it’s content but the social context. And this is why, art understood in relationship to medical science, art understood in relationship to educational institutions, art understood in relationship to the history of religion and science and technological advances, makes art understood. And on the other hand, understanding medical science without art, understanding politics without art, religion or technologies without art ends up with widespread institutional failures of understanding what is happening in our world.

Art isn’t what we’ve been taught. Well, let’s just say it is much more.

What we’ve been taught is a very narrow, elitist idea about art coming to us through histories by kings, by the religious elite and by wealthy patrons of particularly valued products owned by valuable people. However, Art is something that is part of our human being – everyone’s human being. To not understand it, is to not understand ourselves. Throughout history, it wasn’t the military, religious or political leaders that actually lead people down new paths. That’s only a distorted story. Controlling and confining or even exciting people by violence and fear is quite an opposite to being led by creative inspiration; by the artists – like Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s also why artists are often persecuted by those who find them threatening to established ‘order’. It was the artists that have been instrumental always in relationship to the world…..but what would happen in this world, if we actually let artists lead all of us to a life enriched with creative inspiration? What if we saw that creative inspiration, not as only in special people but in everyone…. and weren’t afraid to share it – abundantly? Would there be no ‘order’? Disorder is essential to creativity. It has value. It’s not a place to be horrified. It’s always part of nature and natural processes. What if we all knew how to be creative artists of our lives because we were taught it was essential to our wellbeing and happiness to own our humanity – to own our ‘disorders’ as part of a larger creative process? Not only did the CIA use modern art to hold up the ‘illusion’ of what America was to communism, but the institutions of American society including the President claimed that art was NOT art at all or anything that art was ‘suppose to be’ but instead something to not only be disrespected, but to be despised, rejected, and hated. Think about those opposing messages. If you carry any of those thoughts towards art, you better question your sources and consider you may have been deceived. For more, send me your comments, questions, and write to me, or follow me:


Art as weapon article referenced from here :, war, self image building


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