Rape isn’t rape…

So Oklahoma rules that oral sex isn’t rape if the victim is unconscious from drinking. It is determined the mouth is open? Who opens the mouth?

Our society is insane? A mess? Or what is going on? Both ends of this court struggle and with media and Trump in between fit what description?

I have to LOL. Actually the problem is simple;  lack of thinking thoroughly. And questionable, unconscious, trained lines of thought.  Old ones.

Where are George Carlin and Gallagher when I need them?  This needs humor.  Imagine them saying these words.

Bank robberies aren’t determined by what a bank robber does – take money -, they are determined by the conditions  of the bank, right?  Like if the doors are open?

Oh, no. Wrong.

Murder is determined by what a murderer does – kill a person, right? Oh. No. Wrong again. Some conditions determine a dead person wasn’t killed, I mean murdered, as by a mistake or accident. Some murders are justified as self defense with good reason – to not Be killed.  So the right to kill isn’t murder under conditions.

Or hey, he didn’t like or religiously/legally agree with what they were doing – that’s a reason to kill and not murder. It’s law. What is? Governments, courts, laws and military do that – legally. But now rape gets into the idea and laws of invasions of territories, and crossing boundaries. Somebody has to be awake and give consent to cross territory, right?  The gates aren’t closed?  Oh no. not again. Wrong.

Are the doors usually open or closed until someone comes along to say No or Yes? Usually territory is marked as closed. Or open. You have to be let into someone’s house or country.  It’s called property or state laws. We all know them.

So we have to decide whose owns property here? Government controlled usually means Access restricted tightly but by who? It’ not free to do what one wants.  The default is on the No, with a human Yes opening the gate once admission paid. You know, like toll roads. But public roads have a default of Yes. Must it be spelled out? Whose terroritory is it? Is a raped body public territory? Check laws. Yes. It is. That’s why you have say No and be conscious in Oklahoma. Otherwise, it’s open to the public. Well, part of it in practice.

If I own a business, that means I have rights to say what goes on. That is what owning is. You get privileges in space and territories. Owner’s rights grew to human rights because owner’s rights went too far into human bodies.

If I own a house, I decide what goes on and who comes in…even the government is regulated as to not come in when no one is there. The default is No. Not Yes. You can’t come in even If I’m not there to say No.

But houses or roads or bodies…

Sometimes you just drive on over to the other side on a back road or slip in the back door when no one is around. No one is looking so that means you didn’t really cross a boundary? What qualifies you to cross and not be criminal?  No one said No?

But no one was looking? They weren’t there. They didn’t say no or  yes.

Only monumental lapse of a failed, complicated system can design a mixed up law around a No from a person who is not available to speak.  Isn’t it called an easy shoe in?  No. It’s more than that.

Who draws the border line with your body and where you go and what can be done to it? Someone else? Or You? It use to be clear. Only owners of land were citizens. Raped bodies of female non-owners of their own bodies were not persons in the law. The slavery amendments di d not apply to women and children.

What I can invade and where I can go with my body isn’t the same as what you can invade?

It’s not the same place or bodies. Remember sex segregated bathrooms?  Rules are rules. Sex segregation was more than a place. It was subscribed in the bodies.

Right? Conditions exist? Right? Right?

Sometimes how old you are, your work or how you look make the difference of a yes or no.  Oh crap. It’s more.  It’s who you know, too? Right? What group of people you are in?  Do you have a right to go there in that other country because you want to?

Go here. Go there.  Who does? It’s different laws with boundaries.  Depends who you are. Rich CEO’s. You Bet. Buy A plane.  Doors Open that don’t open for the Poor walking. They don’t have the right paper  -trail. No. Doors close with the unnamed.

What you believe?

Where you are born and to who?

Qualifications are always necessary. What’s your name? Birthdate? How old are you? Are you a leftie? Autustic? Celebrity? like Hillary? Rich?

You are in or out. We do live by boundaries and know how that works. There’s just no law here.  No one is responsible for change. That’s the fault of time and space. But Like the air and water. Something now owned use to be owned by no one. And ownership rules are changing.

We do know how boundaries between countries are determined, right? People vote, right? Official groups decide by agreement? Wrong.

Military has chain of command. So does social order based on country boundaries. Orders are to be followed.

Killing. Invasions. Rape. Robbery.  It’s official. It’s called war, or not, with different groups and different words. Terrorism? Patriot act? New boundaries, different groups, different lines drawn changing old boundaries. More boundaries.

Where did just say No ever work?

Hmm. Thought rape, killings, robberies were illegal for everyone? No, there is the official, by the book, ways to do it and not do it. Sometimes with different words.

Like  rape, drinking, slut, addict, collateral damage, conquering, and justice. We do have different words for the same thing. Rape isn’t rape. It’s border crossing in changing territories of invasion, robbery, war and killing. A tradition established by ancient fathers that we all inherited and taught.

Taking and doing what you want is not okay if another person exists and doesn’t want it, right? You do  have to recognize the other person, right? Share? Compromise?

Guess not.

When did the law change to recognize that men are not entitled to sexual conquering of  women and children. Priests? Basketball coaches?  The historical illegal Rape was about property laws between men – that is , about owned women. Men have lost those property rights over women, right?

Some have more recently called it being invisible. Mansplaining. It’s been talked about. It’s still there. Being invisible means they don’t look.  They don’t have to. The road is only for them. They ignore your presence even in newer territories you are now allowed to penetrate. You are not suppose to be there but for their needs, wants, and desires. Being an object means you don’t have needs, wants and desires of your own.  That’s what our foremothers said. Don’t treat women as sexual objects. You are put here and there for others’ needs. And if you are drinking, you don’t exist accordingly in Oklahoma. The mouth is opened without you.

If it – everything – belongs to you, not other objects for your use  and you or others have the right and believe it belongs to you for whatever reason for anything you want, it’s not a robbery, a rape or a killing. It’s just RIGHT. The right thing to do because you are right and they are wrong, Right?

Wrong. Sigh.

In fact, It’s a matter of opinion no matter if it is a robbery, rape or killing. Who gets to decide and what they believe now that is all there is.

For now.

One day over many centuries the world learned that the earth was round and opinions no longer mattered. One day we will know where a human and one’s boundaries of skin actually exists on this round earth and the opinions will no longer matter.


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