Yeah, Tell me again how I make things happen!


I wake up hungry so I go to the kitchen and get myself some fruit pieces to munch on before I sit down at my computer. My computer rests on a table in front of the sofa. I set the bowl of fruit pieces, with fork, way off to the side so there are no food accidents with computer. I’m always extra careful about that.

cropped-p2190103.jpgMy first chore for the morning is to remove some of the files I’ve accumulated over the last few days that I no longer want. Instead I find a file I hadn’t finished writing and immediately know what words I need to add to it. I change plans as I don’t want to forget the words. My thoughts flow and words are typed. I’m pleased with what just happened.

As I do this, multi-tasking, I also attempt to pick up my fork and grab a bite of fruit.

Before I know it the fork flies or falls (not quite sure which) out of my hand, bounces on the sofa and then off the sofa onto the floor. I hear a clank as it lands on the heater vent. My computer screen turns black at the same time.

I become confused for a moment because my computer has been having an intermittent  problem that it sometimes turns to black screen. But then I look down over the edge of the sofa and see the fork innocently lying on the floor. But I notice about five inches away from the fork that the surge protector that supplies power to my wifi and computer has no power. The red light is off.

I conclude immediately that, although it happened so fast that I didn’t see it, the fork must have fell right on the on/off switch and shut down power.

Now you have to understand. In my home I, kind of, play mini sports games with aiming and throwing things as I’m working. You know like how many times do I miss throwing a piece of trash in the trash bag with the sweeper in the other hand?  And I must say I don’t do too bad. More hits than misses.

But Now if I was actually wanting to turn off my computer and wifi with a fork, and with such fancy throw of a fork bouncing off the sofa to hit the on/off switch, I’d probably not be able to do it with full efforts and hours of trying. That’s a talent I don’t have.

So now tell me again, what control I have over the end results of these actions of mine when without effort  I can’t seem to control the results of a combination of handling a fork and a computer the way I want.

Or let me put it this way, a writer works to put the right words together and those words come and go fast so you write them down when you can and if you don’t they are gone. I know that and I’ve lost many words but I doubt I’ll ever lose words this way again.

Now you tell me your story of YEAH! TELL ME AGAIN HOW I CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!



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