Cultural Environmentalism or another name that we don’t yet have for what we need; more science!

Having spent much time in understanding people and also as a writer understanding our cultural stories and the psychology/sociology around our image and text technology (going back to the beginnings of marks in caves as well as the most current technologies), I believe there is not ENOUGH science. We didn’t study some areas of our life that ironically were deemed ‘incomprehensible’, at times! We’ve overlooked vast portions of our everyday existences. We’ve lost a proper sense of size and location of who and where as we are absorbing images reduced and enlarged.


It seems obvious that the condition of our world and the massive harm going on is not because people have character flaws but that we have errors in our belief system about the proper relationship of humans to the planet, other creatures, other humans and with ourselves.

I think that error is equivalent to when the world was believed to be flat. The white male is not the center of the universe anymore than the earth was.

We don’t even realize that we are living in so much ancient mythology because our mythology is couched in highly respected institutions. Anne Wilson Schaef, the author of a number of books, also native American, and author of Beyond Therapy, Beyond Science, explains that our ‘science’ is actually just another ‘religion’. If you understand religion to be a set of beliefs, rituals, and stories.



I am not anti-science, but I think we have lots of work to do to get ourselves to the right understandings about humans. I call my work cultural environmentalism but other words sometimes are needed. I defy even the categories that we place knowledge in.

It’s been a real big struggle to even present this without people responding with so many….of the myths as rebuttals!

In other words, if I explain something, I have to have someone who is interested enough to actually listen through at least 15 or more of their dearly held beliefs debunked and how these beliefs are in error before it begins to make sense what I’m telling them or before they cut me off.  Misinterpreting the message they walk away holding the myths.

I can say that as a daughter and mother with my experience on taking care of men and babies is where I came to a point some time ago that I had to question everything.  I started questioning all the forefather’s honored beliefs and the institutions that have grown so big within those beliefs. I unlearned the forefathers for about 17 years, researching the ‘other’ and started counting the environmental processes. I’m still working on how I can present this information to the world. So I would appreciate feedback on what others thought as they read this.



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