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Karen Henninger is a creative artist of life, a visionary visual published artist and writer whose award- winning work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. 



Her work defies common categorical dimensions and is multidimensional. 

Her creative work includes media literacy, violence prevention and cultural environmentalism.




335-88 Govt Controlled Love-Marri copyzHer latest multi-media work includes images and text from traditional technologies of oil and pencil merging with digital for multiple uses in social media, for prints, other products including  bookart and dvdart. This image shows 4 original drawings turned to digital image.




An Example of her work, Doodles, are put together in book form then to video. It is best viewed as a sort of meditation.


Some other words used to describe Karen’s activities include Creative Artist of Life, Women Studies Independent Scholar and Community Education Specialist, Cultural Environmentalist Consultant.

Some  accomplishments are:

Photorealistic Pencil Portraits. This is one of my


Ellen Elizabeth Becker Fink

grandmother. See more at my portrait page.








Had a painting titled Invisible Work accepted as part of the video installation at Beijing, China for the United Nations, 4th World Conference for Women, in 1995.
Had work exhibited in various places locally in southeastern Pa, nationally in places from FL and MD to NY and San Francisco. And Internationally in Spain
Received awards for her painting, her writing, and her volunteer, activist work.

I describe my body of work as diverse. However, a large portion of my work and understandings about art are based in a women studies education and similar approach to learning and creating. Learning from women artists and understanding a contrast of her own work and creative processes to the more visible man artists, she explores the basis of our assumptions about image and text in human relationships and the effects of image/text technologies in human behaviors and thinking.


Her two more important artists’ quotes that define her life are:

What we see is based on what we Know. John Berger


3 thoughts on “About

  1. My life and work is rich and therefore hard to speak of in simple terms. This may be a better, more detailed explanation. There’s just too much to mention and properly described in brief, fragmented segments.

    Here goes: Karen Henninger is a visionary, nationally and internationally exhibited and award winning visual artist, writer, cultural environmentalist, violence prevention activist, women studies independent scholar and community education specialist.

    Karen has a Letters, Arts and Sciences degree from Penn State and a Related Arts degree with concentrations in English and Women Studies from Kutztown University. Her collection of hundreds of artistic work also includes a variety of styles from abstract to surrealism with a variety of subject matter. Her current work in image creation and production is moving to new forms – merging non-digital and digital images into multi-media forms; using her oil paintings, drawings, photography and writings in both bookart and video-dvd art.

    Her artwork, paintings, photographs and writings have published numerous times. Her written work was published in Women Celebrate by Elizabeth Welles, in journal Rain and Thunder, and Frontiers. She’s been published online in various locations. CommonSense2, ISEPP and Women Unite are among the places you can find her work. She has received awards for her writings, her paintings and her community education work. She has contributed her work to a variety of places online as well as been participating in art exhibitions from San Francisco to NY to Spain and France.


  2. Hi Karen, I have a poem you wrote in 2005 called, “The Hole in Our Society’s Sense of Decency and Sexuality as Legally Printed and Manufactured” – which consists of a mash-up of spam email subject lines that are super degrading. I can’t seem to find the original publication information about the poem. I want to cite to it. Can you please let me know if you ever published it and where? Thank you! Michelle Dempsey


    • Hi Michele Yes, I printed at home on my computer. It was part of a larger body of work, and a bookart piece, about ‘the hole’. As far as I know that part was not printed online anywhere. But I did show it possibly along with my other bookart and creative work. I remember, for sure, showing it to the FRG Group in Allentown. Do you know where you got it? Not sure how to cite it, except as part of my work. It might have been copied and passed on somehow by someone. Do you remember where you got it? I will go pull out the work and get the full title of the work. Just wanted to respond right away.


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