Addressing Normal

Whose normal?  Are you normal?

Who decides normal?  Do you decide normal?

Is there an official normal? Did someone teach you normal?

Who? What did they teach you is normal?

Who do you think is normal? Who agrees on what is normal?

Normal is what the majority do. Abnormal is what the minority do.

Are all minority groups abnormal or normal?  Please discuss.

My writings often center around questioning what is normal as mass produced knowledge. But Normal people. I don’t believe there is such a person. It’s generic. All people are real and there is no official description of a normal person. Not from government. Not from the professions of psychology or psychiatry.

I do believe that we have images and writings about what we think are normal people. But these are stereotypes of people. Not real people. Images and Text do stereotype. I do believe that people go to great lengths to be normal; as a stereotype. They often fail. They often do so privately.  In other words, trying to fit in and belong. We can’t fit into something that isn’t real. We end up being real. But being real isn’t always cool and accepted.  In the extreme situations, not belonging threatens survival as our basic needs are tied with other people in some way. Anyway, below is a list of links for my writings that have something to do with normal. Please comment! But if you don’t scroll all the way on down, you’ll miss the images I’ve created….and links to products as well.  So Check it all out and let me know what you think!

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Non-Man Human copy copy

Well Being; To Be Fully Human Prints and More Here

Historically, man created image of himself as normal and universal as representative of being human.  Yet, you are not a man if you are a child. You are not a man if you are a woman. You may not be acting like a man even if you are a man. The reductions from the standard are numerous in other categories, like artist or primitive man. These are ideas that reduce humans to categories, rather than display full humanity.  To clarify behaviors that are human for all groups, I’ve used the term ‘non-man’ for those who are not acting like a man. Historically, man is the standard of normal, universal and seen as superior above much else on the planet. But a man can only be a man if he is only partly human – by old ideas. He can not share behaviors of being a child or woman. These other human characteristics are not ‘being a man’ and are often treated as wrong, sick, stupid, crazy, or in some way inferior – despite the fact they are not and also have real purposes for living full lives. Therefore, the categories we inherited are really two kinds of humans; part man and non-man. If you are being non-man, you are seen as inferior. If you are being a man, by these beliefs, you can not be fully human. Remember, I’m just describing what’s been created from analysis of historical image and text production. It varies through time yet has some consistency.  Human beings can never fully live up to any stereotyping – with the best efforts. This is not really the way the people are. What people are is something beyond our creations about humans. Yet It’s what we’ve inherited, via image and text production in stories, films, rituals and beliefs from an 18th century mindset that saw certain ways of being a man as superior and mass produced these ideas. There has been controversy ever since. Images and texts are used to describe things, but there is something very wrong about humans attempting to BE text and image descriptions rather than be fully human. We lost an ability to see and know full humanity because we live within the image and text production that colors the lens of what we see. (More on my research about this topic in the future so come back later!)

Just Because It is Not Understood

Just Because

Just Because Prints and More Here

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