Doodles. Doodles? Doodles!

Doodles. Doodles? Doodles!

Doodles. Doodles? Doodles!

Are they doodles or drawings?
Are they abstracts? Surrealism?
Could some be surrealistic abstracts
….or abstract surrealism?
Scientific drawings of material smaller
than a nanometer? Collage?
Is it really ART?
Child’s play or
Sophisticated, serious artistic endeavor?
Meaningless self expression?
Therapeutic self expression?
Or some vitally important
socially pertinent communication?
Political Statements? Signs of genius?
Signs of psychological problems?
or primitive, raw, instinctual art?
A new language and symbols for humankind?

The answer depends on WHO claims artistic authority
for artistic meaning and within what social context;
directly dependent on WHO does the art
how much value gets placed on the art
and how the art is used which is directly
proportional to the level of respect and social power
of the individuals involved.

Karen Henninger


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The video below is best approached in a relaxed, somewhat meditative and is slow viewing. This video is an art show, a multi media book, and a copy of my bookart, Doodles. Doodles? Doodles! It contains a compilation of my doodles-drawings-paintings along with my own inventive piano sound with a prose piece.



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